Who is Londyn King?

Welcome to Letters of Londyn King the Blog. We’re thrilled to have you here!

We built Londyn King with a strong hunger and determination to succeed.
Beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle are just the beginning of what we have to offer. We’ll be sharing with you; inspired productivity tools, self-care, personal development advice, and hacks that will get you through your daily goals. Through our journey, we want to show you how to unlock your dreams of desire and how to find your true passions in life.

What we’re about

Here, with us, You’ll learn the exact steps on how to set smart, obtainable goals that enhance your personal growth.
In our offices, we carefully create an extensive range of natural, handcrafted products, and beautifully designed apparel. Some of our products for women and men include body treatments, scented candles, loungewear, and sleepwear.
Through, our products we want you to steal back time for your self care and personal development.

One Good Year Challenge

What can I find here?

Engaging topics of conversation, personal development plans, lifestyle blogs, and just in general, you’ll learn how to be relentless about overcoming internal obstacles. Over the course of this year, we will continue to release new collections inspired by feelings Our first collection included a variety of our Body Polishes, Original Beard Balm, and two scented men’s candle fragrances.
soy candles
We wanted to release core products that you could use immediately. Items that could easily and warmly remind you to set aside some time for yourself today. May it be swapping two days out of the week to take an evening bath instead of a morning shower. That’s the perfect time to use your Lavender Mint Body Polish.
Or, maybe you gifted your “baby” the OCD candle. Ironically, women order this candle for themselves all the time! (we’re releasing one for the ladies, next!)  But we definitely wanted to create some products to cater to the men as well.
While a personal self care journey is just that … “personal”. It’s important to softly encourage your loved ones around you to begin the journey of growth as well. No, we would prefer not to leave some people behind. But, the truth is (as we all know) “everybody can’t come with you”. What we offer you in return, is information in our upcoming blog posts like “Why you don’t have to feel guilty for finally setting boundaries.” and “Why a body rub is all the therapy you’ve been missing.”


Londyn King is a brand that is here to serve.  A company dedicated to giving you the full personal experience. One that wants to “encourage the peace in relaxation. The pleasure of indulgence and the arousal of inspiration”, as stated by the owner, Alisha Todd.
We will continue to supply you with great content, luxe products, and intimate inspiration. All to care for the skin, body, and mind of today’s motivated woman and man.
So, please comment below and introduce yourself. We want to know what kind of products you care about right now and which personal goals do you need help achieving?
And we’ll empower you with the tools you’ll need along the way.
We’re glad you’re here!