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Who is Londyn King? Welcome to Letters of Londyn King the Blog. We’re thrilled to have you here! We built Londyn King with a strong hunger and determination to succeed. Beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle are just the beginning […]

9 Ways to Effectively Release Stress Almost Immediately. Yes, numbers 2 & 6 are some favorites. But there are a few others with ways they can help you when you need to calm down quickly. Stress is your natural reaction […]

For the Creatives – Playlist

A playlist for the Creatives. Songs that spark joy, memories, and creativity. A collection of music from our top current R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rap artists.

The Chill List – Playlist

Smooth sounds to work to. Nice tunes to relax to. A little bit of The Weeknd and the likes of Jhene Aiko. Curated by Londyn King

Trap Legacy Playlist

Londyn King presents Trap Rap at it’s finest. Handpicked and curated to help you find some determination. Everyone makes mistakes, let’s go to the streets to figure out how to clean it up. It’s all about the pivot.

R&B Cream Playlist

**For The Adults** Brought to you by Londyn King. Sexy music to play during the intimate time we advocate for all day. Now, you can just light your candle, pull out your scrubs, and hit PLAY on this playlist.

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