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About Us

About londyn king

 In a world full of chaos… picture a company that creates      Skincare, Lifestyle and Beauty products to…

“Encourage the peace in relaxation, the

pleasure of indulgence, the arousal

of inspiration.”


                                            ~ Alisha Todd

Our Mission

Cultivating in the city of Cleveland, Ohio since 2018. Londyn King is a lifestyle company that produces men’s and women’s luxury goods. Ethically sourced all natural products meet top quality ingredients. These skin, beauty and candle products are made with you in mind.
Here at the LK headquarters, we also curate artistic visual short stories centered around the lifestyle of the typical Londyn King man and woman consumer.
What’s a typical day in the life for them?… How do our products fulfill their needs?… Or, how do our products increase the experience?
Londyn King is a selfish brand and we’re not afraid to admit it. After using our products, and engaging in our visual content… you might just feel guilty for not sharing them.
Chamomile Vanilla Honey Body Polish

Londyn King products are handcrafted with you in mind. Pick your Pleasure...

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