9 Ways to Effectively release stress almost immediately.

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9 Ways to Effectively Release Stress Almost Immediately.

Yes, numbers 2 & 6 are some favorites. But there are a few others with ways they can help you when you need to calm down quickly. Stress is your natural reaction to the people, situation, and places around you. What stresses you out may be different for another person. But the truth is that stress can have a huge, direct impact on several areas of your life. These are 9 ways to help you effectively ease stress right off the bat.

Listen to Music

The first recommendation on this list is my number one go-to. We listen to music when we’re happy, heartbroken, and when we’re getting in the mood to go out. For most of us, music is like the blood running through our veins. 

We need it to help us transition and process our feelings. We hear the lyrics from the artists and we recognize that we are not alone. There is someone else who has gone through this too and now, they’re giving us the keys and motivation to get through it.

Sometimes you need to hear something calm and smooth to bring you down. Other times, listening to the most ratchet trap song you can find will make you not give a damn anymore.  Operation “I Just Quit My Job” aborted!

Exercise Regularly

Say hello to your endorphins! Exercise and physical activity improve blood flow and oxygen. It will also improve your sleep quality while boosting your mood. 

I would definitely recommend finding a few go-to videos on YouTube. You can just press play on when you really need to release.

Take Soothing Baths

Quick Story Time: The bathroom used to be my favorite place in the house as a child. I would take my books and magazines along with a large queen-size blanket and climb into the Jacuzzi bathtub we had. 

It didn’t matter that other people needed to use the bathroom. For whatever reason, it felt like solitude. I could read my Archie comic books and Nickelodeon Magazines as a 9-year-old, in peace. The same holds true today. 

Whenever I am stressed, fatigued, angry, physically uncomfortable, or if I just need some me time, a hot bath or a seated shower with the water streaming over me is where you’ll find me. There is no coincidence about why we create soothing body and bath products. It is authentically true to the founder and the message.

Burn Candles

There are more than 400 candle companies in the US. Why do you think that is? Because Everyone. Loves. Candles.

Candles are a sheer delight. The fragrance of your scented candle, gently waffling to your nose, reminds you of a place that you cannot physically be. The flickering flame is often hypnotic, causing you to replay conversations.

It can trigger you to think about your next steps. But the candle is a favorite for those looking for calmness, peace, and awareness all the same. Tap into this with our luxury candles

Eat Healthy Meals

Have you ever wondered why you reach for unhealthy, sweet, or salty food whenever you feel down or overwhelmed? There’s a strong link between what you eat and your stress levels. Sometimes, you may even forget to eat well and start binging on fatty, junk food.

The best way to avoid this and ease stress is to cut down on the snacks. Instead, opt for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. They help improve your mood and relieve stress fast.

Write it Down

There is a reason why your therapist and your best friend recommend that you journal. Writing is an easy way to let out your feelings. A quick way to relieve stress quickly is to whip out a piece of paper, grab a pen, and write it down. 

Pour out who and what is making you angry, and what is causing the current feelings that you have. Finally, finish your venting session by jotting down what you need to do to feel better. Once you take a breath and read what you have written, you will immediately feel 1,000 times better. 

Have Sex

We all know about the endorphins released through your body during passionate moments. With your partner’s consent, of course, sex can also give you an opportunity to feel a little pain followed by big pleasure. 

After it’s complete, you feel that immediate sensation of release. What comes after is relaxation and intimacy. Which is exactly what you’re looking for when you are really worked up.

Indulge in Vices

Yes, let’s talk about it. Vices =  Drugs, Sex, Alcohol & Porn. 

No, I will not say whether I condone any of the above (which clearly I do) but, just for a second… let’s pay some respect to the vices themselves for a minute. No one encourages marijuana smoking or getting blitzed with alcohol poisoning because Johnny broke up with you.

If we’re being honest, consenting adults, one of the fastest ways to release stress is to roll up a spliff and smoke it. Or, pour a glass of nice red wine and feel the liquid medicine warm up your body. After that, stumble into your room and take a nap. Stress Eliminated.

Remember, life is all about moderation.

Laugh It Off

While I love comedy, I am more of an action, drama, and thriller type of woman. There are some mainstream comedians who are fantastic at storytelling. And they really know how to draw out a chuckle (I won’t say they make me laugh).

These comedians will boost your mood instantly. So I would absolutely recommend that if you find yourself stressed out, turn on Netflix, find the comedy section, and press play. 

If love is the treasure, laughter is the key.

-Yakov Smirnoff

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